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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysis of Surface Integrity for DIN 100Cr6 Steel Conical Bearing Rings after Hard TurningDELIJAICOV, Sergio; SALAZAR, C. E. V.; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; PADOVESE, L. R.
2010Improved model to predict machined surface roughness based on the cutting vibrations signal during hard turningDELIJAICOV, Sergio; LEONARDI, Fabrizio; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; BATALHA, Gilmar Ferreira
2018Numerical and experimental modeling of thermal errors in a five-axis CNC machining centerDOS SANTOS, MARCELO O.; BATALHA, GILMAR F.; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; MIORI, GELSON F.
2015Orthotropic yield criterion for Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy after friction stir processing (FSP)FARIAS, Adalto de; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; BATALHA, G. F.
2017Refrigeração por LN2 no torneamento do aço inoxidável super duplex ASTM A890LIMA, A. O.; BERNARDES, C. F.; CHAVES, E. M.; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; DELIJAICOV, Sergio
2007Residual stresses modelling in hard turning and its correlation with the cutting forcesDELIJAICOV, Sergio; AGUIAR, João Batista de; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; BATALHA, Gilmar Ferreira; STIPKOVIC FILHO, Marco
2006Superficial integrity analysis in a super duplex stainless steel after turningBORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; STIPKOVIC FILHO, Marco; BATALHA, Gilmar Ferreira; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; Nelson Batista
2018Surface Integrity Analisys in the Hard Turning of Cemented Steel AISI 4317BRANCO, FELIPE KULIG; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; BORTOLUSSI, Roberto
2017Surface Integrity Analysis in Machining of Hardened AISI 4140 SteelSTIPKOVIC, MARCO ANTONIO; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; FARIAS, Adalto de; DELIJAICOV, Sergio
2008Surface integrity analysis in the super duplex stainless steel ASTM-A890 after machiningBORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; Stipkovic, Marco Filho; Batalha, Gilmar Ferreira; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; Lima, Nelson Batista de
2015The Sheet Metal Formability of AA-5083-O Sheets Processed by Friction Stir ProcessingMIORI, G. F.; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; BATALHA, G. F.