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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Improving a firefly meta-heuristic for multilevel image segmentation using Tsallis entropyRODRIGUES, Paulo; LOPES, Guilherme; ERDMANN, H. R.; RIBEIRO, M. P.; GIRALDI, G. A.
2011Improving the non-extensive medical image segmentation based on Tsallis entropyRODRIGUES, Paulo; GIRALDI, G. A.
2010A new ranking method for principal components analysis and its application to face image analysisTHOMAZ, C. E.; GIRALDI, G. A.
2013Non-extensive entropy algorithm for multi-region segmentation: generalization and comparisonRODRIGUES, Paulo; GIRALDI, G. A.
2019A q-Extension of sigmoid functions and the application for enhancement of ultrasound imagesRODRIGUES, Paulo; LOPES, Guilherme; SANTOS, R. M.; COLTRI, E.; GIRALDI, G. A.
2013Representacao tensorial para imagens de faces, reducao de dimensionalidade e reconstrucaoFILISBINO, T. A.; VESCOVINI, V.; GIRALDI, G. A.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2008Statistical Learning Approaches for Discriminant Features SelectionGIRALDI, G. A.; RODRIGUES, P. S.; KITANI, E. C.; SATO, J. R.; THOMAZ, C. E.;Thomaz, Carlos E;Thomaz, Carlos Eduardo;THOMAZ, C.E.;THOMAZ, CARLOS E.;THOMAZ, C.;THOMAZ, CARLOS
2008Statistical learning approaches for discriminant features selectionGIRALDI, G. A.; RODRIGUES, Paulo; KITANI, E. C.; SATO, J. R.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2019A strategy based on non-extensive statistics to improve frame-matching algorithms under large viewpoint changesLOPES, Guilherme; HORVATH, M.; GIRALDI, G. A.; LOPES, Guilherme