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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An Innovative Ellipsoidal Layout Style to Further Boost the Electrical Performance of MOSFETsGimenez S.P.; Correia M.M.; Neto E.D.; Silva C.R.
2015Boosting the total ionizing dose tolerance of digital switches by using OCTO SOI MOSFETDe Souza Fino L.N.; Davini Neto E.; Da Silveira M.A.G.; Renaux C.; Flandre D.; Gimenez S.P.
2014Compact diamond MOSFET model accounting for PAMDLE applicable down 150 nm nodeGimenez S.P.; Davini E.; Peruzzi V.V.; Renaux C.; Flandre D.
2013Comparative experimental study between tensile and compressive uniaxially stressed nmugfets under x-ray radiation focusing on analog behaviorPeruzzi V.V.; Gimenez S.P.; Agopian P.G.D.; Silveira M.A.G.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2012Comparative study of the proton beam effects between the conventional and Circular-Gate MOSFETsCirne K.; Silveira M.A.G.; Santos R.B.B.; Gimenez S.P.; Barbosa M.D.L.; Tabacniks M.H.; Added N.; Medina N.H.; De Melo W.R.; Seixas Jr. L.E.; De Lima J.A.
2015Diamond layout style impact on SOI MOSFET in high temperature environmentGimenez S.P.; Galembeck E.H.S.; Renaux C.; Flandre D.
2010Diamond MOSFET: An innovative layout to improve performance of ICsGimenez S.P.
2015Electrical behavior of the Diamond layout style for MOSFETs in X-rays ionizing radiation environmentsGimenez S.P.; Alati D.M.
2011FISH SOI MOSFET: Modeling, characterization and its application to improve the performance of analog ICsGimenez S.P.; Alati D.M.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2006Gain improvement in operational transconductance amplifiers using Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETSGimenez S.P.; Pavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Flandre D.
2019Impact of designer knowledge in the interactive evolutionary optimisation of analogue CMOS ICs by using iMTGSPICEMoreto R.A.L.; Thomaz C.E.; Gimenez S.P.
2015Impact of Using the Octagonal Layout for SOI MOSFETs in a High-Temperature EnvironmentGimenez S.P.; Galembeck E.H.S.; Renaux C.; Flandre D.
2017Improving MOSFETs' TID Tolerance Through Diamond Layout StyleSeixas L.E.; Goncalez O.L.; Souza R.; Finco S.; Vaz R.G.; Da Silva G.A.; Gimenez S.P.
2012Performance of electronic devices submitted to X-rays and high energy proton beamsSilveira M.A.G.; Cirne K.H.; Santos R.B.B.; Gimenez S.P.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Tabacniks M.H.; Barbosa M.D.L.; Seixas L.E.; Melo W.; De Lima J.A.
2014Using diamond layout style to boost MOSFET frequency response of analogue ICGimenez S.P.; Leoni R.D.; Renaux C.; Flandre D.
2015Using the wave layout style to boost the digital ICs electrical performance in the radioactive environmentNavarenho-De-Souza R.; Silveira M.A.G.; Gimenez S.P.
2017VI-Based Measurement System Focusing on Space ApplicationsSeixas L.E.; Finco S.; Gimenez S.P.