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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessing the influence of the road-tire friction coefficient on the yaw and roll stability of articulated vehiclesMENDES, A. S.; FLEURY, AGENOR DE TOLEDO; ACKERMANN, Marko; LEONARDI, Fabrizio; BORTOLUSSI, Roberto
2018Fractional PID Controller Applied to a Chemical Plant with Level and pH ControlAGUIAR, RENATO APARECIDO; FRANCO, Ivan Carlos; LEONARDI, Fabrizio; LIMA, FÁBIO
2010Improved model to predict machined surface roughness based on the cutting vibrations signal during hard turningDELIJAICOV, Sergio; LEONARDI, Fabrizio; BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; BATALHA, Gilmar Ferreira
2012Minimum-time anti-swing motion planning of cranes using linear programmingDa Cruz, J.J.; LEONARDI, Fabrizio
2013Mockup Didatic Set for Students Development in Automotive ElectronicDELATORE, F.; Albaladejo, Felipe Serafim; MORIOKA, C. A.; Carvalho, Alexsander Tressino de; LEONARDI, Fabrizio
2019A model-based control strategy for assisted manual wheelchairs: a simulation studyMARTINS, MAURÍCIO; ACKERMANN, Marko; LEONARDI, Fabrizio
2016Multivariable Optimal Control of a Heat Exchanger Network with BypassesDELATORE, F.; CRUZ, J. J.; LEONARDI, Fabrizio; NOVAZZI, Luis Fernando
2006Multivariable Robust Control With Time Domain Specifications: Servo and Regulator ProblemsLEONARDI, Fabrizio; CRUZ, José Jaime da; BITTAR, Anselmo
2005Projeto de controladores robustos com especificações temporaisLEONARDI, Fabrizio; CRUZ, José Jaime da
2014State Feedback Controller - An Alternative Approach Applied to Unmanned Aerial VehicleAGUIAR, RENATO A.; LEONARDI, Fabrizio