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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Corrosion Versus Mechanical Tests for Indirect Detection of Alpha Prime Phase in UNS S32520 Super Duplex Stainless SteelFONTES, Talita Filier; COSTA, I.;Costa, I.;Costa, Isolda;Costa, I;I. Costa;I Costa; MAGNABOSCO, R.; MAGNABOSCO, R.; TERADA, M.; PADILHA, A. F.
2019Effect of sulfate on the pitting potential of austenitic stainless steels 18Cr8Ni and 17Cr6Mn5Ni in chloride mediaCALDERÓN-HERNÁNDEZ, JOSÉ WILMAR; HINCAPIE-LADINO, D.; MAGNABOSCO, R.; ALONSO-FALLEIROS, Neusa
2015Hydrogen stress cracking in power generator M42 galvanized martensitic carbon steel screwsNAVILLE, W.; MORASSI, A.L.; LEITE, D.W.; MAGNABOSCO, R.
2007Mean strain influence in low cycle fatigue behavior of AA7175-T1 aluminum alloySALERNO, Gigliola;SALERNO, GIGLIOLA;Gigliola Salerno;Salerno, G.;GIGLIOLA SALERNO;SALERNO,G.;Salerno, Gigliola; MAGNABOSCO, R.; MOURA NETO, C.
2005Pit Morphology and Its Relation to Microstructure of 850°C Aged Duplex Stainless SteelMAGNABOSCO, R.; Alonso-Falleiros, N.
2007Selective Corrosion in Sodium Chloride Aqueous Solution of Cupronickel Alloys with Aluminum and Iron AdditionsLiberto, R. C. N.; MAGNABOSCO, R.; Alonso-Falleiros, N.
2006Sensitization and Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Ferritic Stainless Steel Aged at 800°CParoni, A. S. M.; Alonso-Falleiros, N.; MAGNABOSCO, R.
2005Sigma Phase Formation and Polarization Response of UNS S31803 in Sulfuric AcidMAGNABOSCO, R.; Alonso-Falleiros, N.
2013Study of 'napier grass' delignification for production of cellulosic derivativesGIANNETTI, Andreia de Araujo Morandim; ALBUQUERQUE, T. S.; Renata K.C. de Carvalho; Ramires M.S. Araújo; MAGNABOSCO, R.
2013Tool wear evaluations in friction stir processing of commercial titanium Ti-6Al-4VFARIAS, Adalto de; BATALHA, G. F.; Batalha, G.F.; PRADOS, E.F.; MAGNABOSCO, R.; DELIJAICOV, Sergio