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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A commercial off-the-shelf pMOS transistor as X-ray and heavy ion detectorSilveira M.A.G.; Melo M.A.A.; Aguiar V.A.P.; Rallo A.; Santos R.B.B.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Seixas L.E.; Leite F.G.; Cunha F.G.; Cirne K.H.; Giacomini R.; de OLIVEIRA J.A.
2014A system to measure isomeric state half-lives in the 10 ns to 10 μs rangeToufen D.L.; Allegro P.R.P.; Medina N.H.; Oliveira J.R.B.; Cybulska E.W.; Seale W.A.; Linares R.; Silveira M.A.G.; Ribas R.V.
2014Analog performance of standard and uniaxial strained triple-gate SOI FinFETs under x-ray radiationBordallo C.C.M.; Teixeira F.F.; Silveira M.A.G.; Martino J.A.; Agopian P.G.D.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2016Analysis of SRAM-Based FPGA SEU Sensitivity to Combined EMI and TID-Imprinted EffectsBenfica J.; Green B.; Porcher B.C.; Poehls L.B.; Vargas F.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; De Aguiar V.A.P.; Macchione E.L.A.; Aguirre F.; Silveira M.A.G.; Perez M.; Sofo Haro M.; Sidelnik I.; Blostein J.; Lipovetzky J.; Bezerra E.A.
2017Analyzing Reliability and Performance Trade-Offs of HLS-Based Designs in SRAM-Based FPGAs under Soft ErrorsTambara L.A.; Tonfat J.; Santos A.; Kastensmidt F.L.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Aguiar V.A.P.; Aguirre F.; Silveira M.A.G.
2017Analyzing the Influence of the Angles of Incidence and Rotation on MBU Events Induced by Low LET Heavy Ions in a 28-nm SRAM-Based FPGATonfat J.; Kastensmidt F.L.; Artola L.; Hubert G.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Aguiar V.A.P.; Aguirre F.; Macchione E.L.A.; Silveira M.A.G.
2013Comparative experimental study between tensile and compressive uniaxially stressed nmugfets under x-ray radiation focusing on analog behaviorPeruzzi V.V.; Gimenez S.P.; Agopian P.G.D.; Silveira M.A.G.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2012Comparative study of the proton beam effects between the conventional and Circular-Gate MOSFETsCirne K.; Silveira M.A.G.; Santos R.B.B.; Gimenez S.P.; Barbosa M.D.L.; Tabacniks M.H.; Added N.; Medina N.H.; De Melo W.R.; Seixas Jr. L.E.; De Lima J.A.
2017Electronic stopping power of Ti, V and Cr ions in Ge and Au at 150–500 keV/u energiesLinares R.; Ribas R.V.; Oliveira J.R.B.; Medina N.H.; Santos H.C.; Seabra C.C.; Sigaud L.; Cybulska E.W.; Seale W.A.; Allegro P.R.P.; Touffen D.L.; Silveira M.A.G.
2014Experimental setup for Single Event Effects at the São Paulo 8UD Pelletron AcceleratorAguiar V.A.P.; Added N.; Medina N.H.; Macchione E.L.A.; Tabacniks M.H.; Aguirre F.R.; Silveira M.A.G.; Santos R.B.B.; Seixas Jr. L.E.
2010Exploring the potential of the São Paulo potentialOliveira J.R.B.; Zagatto V.; Pereira D.; Lubian J.; Allegro P.R.P.; Chamon L.C.; Cybulska E.W.; Linares R.; Medina N.H.; Ribas R.V.; Rossi E.S.; Seale W.A.; Silva C.P.; Toufen D.L.; Silveira M.A.G.; Zahn G.S.; Genezini F.A.; Gasques L.; Shorto J.M.B.
2012High natural radiation in Brazilian sandsSilveira M.A.G.; Medina N.H.; Pereira B.R.; Aguiar V.A.P.
2012Performance of electronic devices submitted to X-rays and high energy proton beamsSilveira M.A.G.; Cirne K.H.; Santos R.B.B.; Gimenez S.P.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Tabacniks M.H.; Barbosa M.D.L.; Seixas L.E.; Melo W.; De Lima J.A.
2016Reliability on ARM Processors Against Soft Errors Through SIHFT TechniquesChielle E.; Rosa F.; Rodrigues G.S.; Tambara L.A.; Tonfat J.; Macchione E.; Aguirre F.; Added N.; Medina N.; Aguiar V.; Silveira M.A.G.; Ost L.; Reis R.; Cuenca-Asensi S.; Kastensmidt F.L.
2018Reliability-Performance Analysis of Hardware and Software Co-Designs in SRAM-Based APSoCsTambara L.A.; Kastensmidt F.L.; Rech P.; Lins F.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Aguiar V.A.P.; Silveira M.A.G.
2015Using the wave layout style to boost the digital ICs electrical performance in the radioactive environmentNavarenho-De-Souza R.; Silveira M.A.G.; Gimenez S.P.
2014γ-Particle coincidence technique for the study of nuclear reactionsZagatto V.A.B.; Oliveira J.R.B.; Allegro P.R.P.; Chamon L.C.; Cybulska E.W.; Medina N.H.; Ribas R.V.; Seale W.A.; Silva C.P.; Gasques L.R.; Zahn G.S.; Genezini F.A.; Shorto J.M.B.; Lubian J.; Linares R.; Toufen D.L.; Silveira M.A.G.; Rossi E.S.; Nobre G.P.