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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20172-[(4-Chlorophenyl)selanyl]-3,4-dihydro-2H-benzo[h]chromene-5,6-dione: Crystal structure and Hirshfeld analysisZukerman-Schpector J.; Prado K.E.; Name L.L.; Cella R.; Jotani M.M.; Tiekink E.R.T.
20153D computer tomography for measurement of femoral position in acl reconstructionFERNANDES, TIAGO LAZZARETTI; MARTINS, N. M. M. F.; WATAI, F. A.; ALBUQUERQUE, Cyro; PEDRINELLI, A.; HERNANDEZ, A. J.
5-Jul-20113D simulation of triple-gate MOSFETs with different mobility regionsCONDE, J.; CERDEIRA, A.; Marcelo Antonio Pavanello; KILCHYTSKA, V.; FLANDRE, D.
2018A CFD analysis of the flow dynamics of a directly-operated safety relief valveScuro N.L.; Angelo E.; Angelo G.; Andrade D.A.
2005A charge-based continuous model for submicron graded-channel nMOSFET for analog circuit simulationDe Souza M.; Pavanello M.A.; Iniguez B.; Flandre D.
2015A commercial off-the-shelf pMOS transistor as X-ray and heavy ion detectorSilveira M.A.G.; Melo M.A.A.; Aguiar V.A.P.; Rallo A.; Santos R.B.B.; Medina N.H.; Added N.; Seixas L.E.; Leite F.G.; Cunha F.G.; Cirne K.H.; Giacomini R.; de OLIVEIRA J.A.
2016A dimensão ambiental no contexto da estratégia de operações de montadoras do ABC paulistaScur G.; Heinz G.
2017A high-speed shaft supported by magnetic bearings applied to energy systemsRosa F.C.; Lima F.; Fumagalli M.A.
2015A LQG/LTR Based Robust Control Applied to a Steel Strip Coiling SystemLima F.; De Oliveira A.A.; De Aguiar M.L.; De Almeida Monteiro J.R.B.
2016A MID-INFRARED VIEW of the HIGH MASS STAR FORMATION REGION W51ABarbosa C.L.; Blum R.D.; Damineli A.; Conti P.S.; Gusmao D.M.
2007A multivariate statistical analysis of the developing human brain in preterm infantsThomaz C.E.; Boardman J.P.; Counsell S.; Hill D.L.G.; Hajnal J.V.; Edwards A.D.; Rutherford M.A.; Gillies D.F.; Rueckert D.
2010A new ranking method for principal components analysis and its application to face image analysisThomaz C.E.; Giraldi G.A.
2013A physically-based threshold voltage definition, extraction and analytical model for junctionless nanowire transistorsTrevisoli R.D.; Doria R.T.; De Souza M.; Pavanello M.A.
2013A priori-driven multivariate statistical approach to reduce dimensionality of MEG signalsThomaz C.E.; Hall E.L.; Morris P.G.; Bowtell R.; Brookes M.J.; Giraldi G.A.
2019A q-extension of sigmoid functions and the application for enhancement of ultrasound imagesRodrigues P.S.; Wachs-Lopes G.; Santos R.M.; Coltri E.; Giraldi G.A.
2016A qualitative spatial representation of string loops as holesCabalar P.; Santos P.E.
2005A simple current model for edgeless SOI nMOSFET and a 3-D analysisGiacomini R.; Martino J.A.
2016A study of PP/PET composites: Factorial design, mechanical and thermal propertiesNonato R.C.; Bonse B.C.
2013A study on friction coefficient and wear coefficient of coated systems submitted to micro-scale abrasion testsCozza R.C.
2014A system to measure isomeric state half-lives in the 10 ns to 10 μs rangeToufen D.L.; Allegro P.R.P.; Medina N.H.; Oliveira J.R.B.; Cybulska E.W.; Seale W.A.; Linares R.; Silveira M.A.G.; Ribas R.V.