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    CO2 Conversion into Formates/Carbamates in an Electrolyte System
    (2020-01-05) SILVA, M. C. M.; REIS, A. D. C.; BRESCIANI, A. E.; FERREIRA, N. L.; ALVES, R. M. D. B.
    © 2020 Elsevier B.V.This paper explores the production of two intermediate chemicals with wide uses in industrial scale. The CO2 hydrogenation using ammonia as an alkyl base produces ammonium formate and carbamate suitable for formic acid and urea synthesis. For this, an investigative simulation study was carried out to explore the possible operating conditions for each product. The given results pointed out that 50 °C and 1 bar favour the production of carbamate, obtaining 99% of yield and decrease formate one to less than 1%. However, low temperature (10 °C) and high pressure (50 bar) promote the formate yield to 81% and smaller quantities of carbamate, around 8%. CO2 conversion is around 99% at 50 °C and 1 bar, when H2O/NH3 ratio is 2.