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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Reduced Order Modeling of Composite Laminates Through Solid-Shell CouplingSalerno, Gigliola; Mariani, Stefano; Corigliano, Alberto
2017Direct measurement of interface energies of magnesium aluminate spinel and a brief sintering analysisPereira, Gilberto J.; BOLIS, KAREN; MUCHE, DERECK N.F.; GOUV?A, DOUGLAS; Castro, Ricardo H.R.
2017Effects of Milling Time on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Composite WC-(FeYBARRA, LUIS ANTONIO C.; CHIMANSKI, AFONSO; Pereira, Gilberto J.; MACHADO, IZABEL FERNANDA; YOSHIMURA, HUMBERTO NAOYUKI
2017Characterization of heterogeneities in grain size by network analysisDUTRA, J. C.; Oliveira, T.E.
2017Effect of Niobium on Phase Transformations, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion of Supermartensitic Stainless SteelDE OLIVEIRA, MARIANA PEREZ; CALDERÓN-HERNÁNDEZ, JOSÉ WILMAR; Magnabosco, Rodrigo; HINCAPIE-LADINO, DUBERNEY; ALONSO-FALLEIROS, Neusa
2017Relation between pitting potential, degree of sensitization and reversed austenite in a supermartensitic stainless steelCALDERÓN-HERNÁNDEZ, JOSÉ; HINCAPÍE-LADINO, DUBERNEY; BENEDITO MARTINS FILHO, EDSON; Magnabosco, Rodrigo; FALLEIROS, NEUSA
2017Influence of the Heterogeneous Nucleation Sites on the Kinetics of Intermetallic Phase Formation in Aged Duplex Stainless SteelMELO, ELIS ALMEIDA; Magnabosco, Rodrigo
2017Experimental investigations and DICTRA ® simulation of sigma phase formation in a duplex stainless steelMORAIS, LUARA DA COSTA; Magnabosco, Rodrigo
2017Abiotic thermo-oxidative degradation of high density polyethylene: Effect of manganese stearate concentrationANTUNES, MARCELA C.; AGNELLI, JOS? A.M.; BABETTO, ALEX S.; Bonse, Baltus C.; BETTINI, S?LVIA H.P.
2017Process parameters in the manufacture of ceramic ZnO nanofibers made by electrospinningNONATO, RENATO C.; MORALES, ANA R.; ROCHA, MATEUS C.; NISTA, SILVIA V. G.; MEI, LUCIA H. I.; Bonse, Baltus C.