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dc.contributor.authorCahen, Fernanda-
dc.contributor.authorBORINI, FELIPE MENDES-
dc.identifier.citationCahen, Fernanda; BORINI, FELIPE MENDES. International digital competence. Journal of International Management, v. 26, n. 1, p. 100691, 2019.-
dc.description.abstractThis article evaluates which specific capabilities of afirm enable its internationalization process,with an emphasis on companies with exclusively digital products. The results provide an op-portunity to examine the strength of earlierfindings in International Entrepreneurship (IE) re-search, which has largely addressed high-tech ventures that export physical products. We reveal aset of intangible capabilities that are especially relevant to digital companies and their inter-nationalization process, without foreign direct investment (FDI) or with limited outward assetscharacterized by non-equity entry modes. Using an inductive, multiple-case study methodology,we develop a new construct that we term‘international digital competence’(IDC). IDC consists offour capabilities critical to these companies: cross-cultural programming skills, global virtualnetworks, cross-border digital monetizing adaptability, and international business model re-configuration. The possession of IDC enables digital companies to expand internationally throughan online presence. Therefore, we propose that international online expansion can increase thelikelihood of a digital company performing outward assets via non-equity entry modes. We alsoconceived that the digital company's strategy to achieve non-equity investments is moderated byits entrepreneur's international orientation.-
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of International Management-
dc.rightsAcesso Restrito-
dc.subjectDigital companies-
dc.subjectInternational digital competence-
dc.titleInternational Digital Competencept_BR
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