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Title: Framework for management environmental assessment in the conceptual design phase of new product development
Dario Alliprandini
Gabriela Scur
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2020
Abstract: Many studies have shown the importance of incorporating environmental issues into the process of new product development (NPD). However, a critical review of the literature reveals a lack of tools to evaluate environmental criteria during the initial phases of product design - specifically, the conceptual design phase and concept selection stage. The objective of this manuscript is to present a framework for the environmental evaluation of product concepts based on design for environment (DfE), with an emphasis on tangible products. The framework could enhance the effectiveness of implementing DfE strategies in the conceptual design phase. The framework was based on DfE strategies related to the physical dimension of products and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). This is one of the very first studies to present a framework for selecting a concept that best meets DfE criteria from a product life cycle perspective and offers the potential to be expanded to multiple manufacturers.
Keywords: conceptual design
concept environmental assessment
DfE strategy
analytical hierarchy process
Journal: International Journal of Sustainable Design
ISSN: 1743-8292
Citation: RUY, M.; ALLIPRANDINI, D. H.; SCUR, G. Framework for management environmental assessment in the conceptual design phase of new product development. International Journal of Sustainable Design, v. 3, n. 3, p. 182-204, 2020.
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