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Title: Electrical Behavior of Effects LCE and PAMDLE of the Ellipsoidal MOSFETs in a Huge Range of High Temperatures
Authors: GALEMBECK, E. H. S.
Salvador Gimenez
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2020
Abstract: This paper presents the electrical behavior at high temperature-range of the effects presents in the non-standard gate layout style for MOSFETs, in which they are capable to boost the electrical performance in relation to the one standard rectangular MOSFET (RM) counterpart. These effects are named Longitudinal Corner Effect (LCE) and Parallel Connection of MOSFETs with Different Channel Lengths Effect (PAMDLE). In this study, we study the ellipsoidal layout style for MOSFET, taking into account the Bulk technology of CMOS CIs of 180nm from TSMC. This work is based on three-dimensional numerical simulations and we conclude that the LCE and PAMDLE effects are always actives in all temperatures studied (300K-573K) and, consequently, they are capable of boosting the EM electrical performance remarkably in comparison to the RM counterpart (83% for saturation drain current and 86% for the maximum transconductance), regarding that present the same gate areas and bias conditions for a temperature of 573K.
ISSN: 1938-6737
Citation: GALEMBECK, E. H. S.; GIMENEZ, S. P. Electrical behavior of effects LCE and PAMDLE of the Ellipsoidal MOSFETs in a huge range of high temperatures. ECS TRANSACTIONS (ONLINE), v. 97, n. 5, p. 71-76, 2020.
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DOI: 10.1149/09705.0071ecst
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