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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Junctionless Multiple-Gate Transistors for Analog ApplicationsDORIA, Rodrigo Trevisoli; YU, R.; KRANTI, Abhinav; COLINGE, J. -P.; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio; TREVISOLI, Renan Doria; DE SOUZA, Michelly; LEE, C. W.; FERAIN, Isabelle; DEHDASHTI-AKHAVAN, N.; YAN, R.; RAZAVI, P.
2016Improved operation of graded-channel SOI nMOSFETs down to liquid helium temperaturePavanello, Marcelo Antonio; SOUZA, Michelly de; RIBEIRO, Thales Augusto; MARTINO, João Antonio; FLANDRE, D.
2016Junctionless nanowire transistors operation at temperatures down to 4.2 KTREVISOLI, RENAN; SOUZA, Michelly de; DORIA, Rodrigo Trevisoli; KILCHYTSKA, V.; FLANDRE, D.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2016On the improvement of DC analog characteristics of FD SOI transistors by using asymmetric self-cascode configurationDE SOUZA, Michelly; FLANDRE, Denis; Doria, Rodrigo Trevisoli; TREVISOLI, RENAN; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2016Analytical Model for the Dynamic Behavior of Triple-Gate Junctionless Nanowire TransistorsTREVISOLI, RENAN; Doria, Rodrigo Trevisoli; DE SOUZA, Michelly; BARRAUD, SYLVAIN; VINET, MAUD; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2015Compact model for short-channel symmetric double-gate junctionless transistorsAVILA, FERNANDO; CERDEIRA, Antonio; PAZ, Bruna Cardoso; CUETO, Magali Estrada; INIGUEZ, Benjamin; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2012Fin Cross-Section Shape Influence on Short Channel Effects of MuGETsBÜHLER, Rudolf Theoderich;BÜHLER, R. T.;Bühler, R T;BUHLER, R. T.;BÜHLER, R.;BU'HLER, RUDOLF T.;BUHLER, RUDOLF THEODERICH;BUHLER, RUDOLF T.;BUHLER, RUDOLF;T. BUHLER, RUDOLF; GIACOMINI, R. C.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; Martino, João Antonio
2012Modeling of Thin-Film Lateral SOI PIN Diodes with an Alternative Multi-Branch Explicit Current ModelLUGO-MUÑOZ, D.; MUCI, Juan; ORTIZ-CONDE, Adelmo; GARCIA-SANCHEZ, Francisco; DE SOUZA, Michelly; FLANDRE, Denis; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2011Temperature and Silicon Film Thickness Influence on the Operation of Lateral SOI PIN Photodiodes for Detection of Short WavelengthsDE SOUZA, Michelly; BULTEEL, Olivier; FLANDRE, Denis; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio
2011Threshold voltage in junctionless nanowire transistorsTREVISOLI, Renan Doria; DORIA, Rodrigo Trevisoli; DE SOUZA, Michelly; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio