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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Composition of Local Normal Coordinates and Polyhedral Geometry in Riemannian Manifold LearningMIRANDA JR., G. F.; GIRALDI, G. A.; THOMAZ, C. E.; MILLAN, R. D.
2015Comparing Ranking Methods for Tensor Components in Multilinear and Concurrent Subspace Analysis with Applications in Face ImagesFILISBINO, T. A.; GIRALDI, G. A.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2013Using variance information in magnetoencephalography measures of functional connectivityHALL, E. L.; WOOLRICH, M. M.; THOMAZ, C. E.; MORRIS, P. G.; BROOKES, M. J.
2013Representacao tensorial para imagens de faces, reducao de dimensionalidade e reconstrucaoFILISBINO, T. A.; VESCOVINI, V.; GIRALDI, G. A.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2012An automatic framework for segmentation and digital inpainting of 2D frontal face imagesSOBIECKI, A.; GIRALDI, G. A.; NEVES, L. A. P.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2014EEG brain mapping of normal and learning disabled children using factor and linear discriminant analysesROCHA, F. T.; MASSAD, E.; THOMAZ, C. E.; ROCHA, A. F.
2011Maximum-uncertainty linear discrimination analysis of first-episode schizophrenia subjectsKasparek, Tomas; Ceskova, Eva; THOMAZ, C. E.; Sato, Joao Ricardo; Schwarz, Daniel; Janousova, Eva; Marecek, Radek; Prikryl, Radovan; Vanicek, Jiri; Fujita, Andre
2017Clutch Judder Classification and Prediction: A Multivariate Statistical Analysis Based on Torque SignalsGREGORI, I. R. S.; SANCHES, I.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2018A Combined Eye-tracking and EEG Analysis on Chess MovesSILVA JUNIOR, L. R.; CESAR, F. H. G.; ROCHA, F. T.; THOMAZ, C. E.
2010Exploring the knowledge contained in neuroimages: statistical discriminant analysis and automatic segmentation of the most significant changesSANTOS, P. E.; THOMAZ, C. E.; SANTOS, D. N.; FREIRE, R.; SATO, J. R.; SALLET, P. C.; LOUZA, M. R.; BUSATTO FILHO, G.; GATTAZ, W. F.