Reduced order modeling of composite laminates through solid-shell coupling

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Salerno G.
Mariani S.
Corigliano A.
Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management
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Salerno, Gigliola; Mariani, Stefano; Corigliano, Alberto. Reduced Order Modeling of Composite Laminates Through Solid-Shell Coupling. JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT (ONLINE), v. 9, n. 3, p. 397-403, 2017.
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© 2017, Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management. All rights reserved.Composite laminates display a complex mechanical behavior due to their microstructure, with a through-thickness variation of the displacement and stress fields that depends on the fiber orientation in each layer. Aiming to develop reduced-order numerical models mimicking the real response of composite structures, we investigated the capability and accuracy of finite element analyses coupling layered shell and solid kinematics. This study represents the first step of a work with the goal of accurately matching stress evolution in regions close to possible impact locations, where delamination is expected to take place, with reduced computational costs. Close to such locations, a 3-D modeling is adopted, whereas in the remainder of the structure, a less computationally demanding shell modeling is chosen. To test the coupled approach, results of numerical simulations are presented for a quasi-statically loaded cross-ply orthotropic plate, either simply supported or fully clamped along its boundary.