CARES 2.0: Completely automated robust edge snapper for cimt measurement in 300 ultrasound images-a two stage paradigm

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Molinari F.
Acharya U R.
Zeng G.
Meiburger K.M.
Rodrigues P.S.
Saba L.
Suri J.S.
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics
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MOLINARI, F.; ACHARYA, R.; ZENG, G.; MEIBURGER, K. M.; RODRIGUES, Paulo; SABA, L.; SURI, J. CARES 2.0: Completely automated robust edge snapper for CIMT measurement in 300 ultrasound images-A two stage paradigm. Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, v. 1, n. 2, p. 150-163, 2011.
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The carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) is a widely used marker associated to the risk of cardiovascular diseases and to atherosclerosis progression. IMT measurement requires high accuracy and reproducibility. Computer-aided measurements improve accuracy and precision, but usually require user interaction. In this paper we proposed an improved method (called CARES 2.0) over the previously developed technique (called CARES 1.0). CARES 2.0 is a two stage process: Stage-I adapts an integrated approach of intelligent image feature extraction and line fitting for far adventitia border detection. Stage-II is a first order absolute moment (FOAM 1.0) coupled to a novel and improved heuristic search for the lumen-intima (LI) and media-adventitia (MA) peaks. CARES 2.0 brings in two novel scientific contributions: (a) ability to improve Stage-I to compare jugular vein versus carotid artery and (b) introduction bi-directional and robust FOAM. The improved method is a fully automated IMT measurement technique, and was validated on a multi-institutional database of 300 images exhibiting normal and pathologic carotids. We benchmarked CARES 2.0 against previously developed CALEX 1.0 and user-driven FOAM 1.0. CARES 2.0 showed an IMT measurement bias equal to -0.032±0.178 mm, which was better than CALEX 1.0 (0.070±0.331 mm), FOAM 1.0 (-0.091±0.161 mm) and CARES 1.0 (0.035±0.198 mm), respectively. Thus CARES 2.0 showed an improvement of 54% over CALEX 1.0, 65% over stand alone FOAM 1.0 and 9% over CARES 1.0. Compared to CARES 1.0, CARES 2.0 improved the reproducibility by 10%. CARES 2.0 ensured complete automation and increased the reproducibility of the IMT measurement, a step closer for clinical usage. Copyright © 2011 American Scientific Publishers.