The euroscore additive is a valid measure to predict mortality in cardiac surgery?

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Chang Junior J.
Fernandes A.M.D.S.
Panaino A.C.
Guerrer G.F.F.
2013 Proceedings of PICMET 2013: Technology Management in the IT-Driven Services
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In the last years advancements of cardiological research in Brazil were very significant, both at the academy, such as in hospitals and clinics, generating not only an increase in the number of publications, but also an improvement in the results achieved. The cardiological surgery has achieved excellent results, because has reduced the mortality tax and has increased life expectancy of people who need this type of surgery. This article aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an instrument called EuroScore Additive (ES), which is used to evaluate the risk of death in patients undergoing cardiological surgery. So this, the research had used applied statistical methodology to analyze data of 238 patients who have undergone valve surgery on a public Hospital specializing in cardiological surgery, in a period of two years. The results show the limitations of the EuroScore Additive in predicting the outcome of valve surgery. © 2013 PICMET.