H∞ control with time domain specifications applied to a heat exchanger network

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Delatore F.
Leonardi F.
Novazzi L.F.
da Cruz J.J.
International Conference on Integrated Modeling and Analysis in Applied Control and Automation
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Multivariable control techniques have been applied to chemical plants, ranging from multi-loop control up to predictive controls. This work intends to present a study developed using a control solution based on the H∞ design with time domains specifications applied on a heat exchanger network (HEN) with bypasses. The HEN is frequently used in chemical processes to promote energy transfer between hot/cold streams, reducing the utility consumption as its main objective. The H∞ control is used here to ensure a prescribed time domain response by means of a solution of model matching problem so that the closed loop dynamics are approximately the same as the ones of the reference model. The simulations results have demonstrated that the proposed control leads to a good performance with process variables decoupled, null offset and output responses with the prescribed dynamics.