Direct determination of threshold condition in DG-MOSFETs from the g m/ID curve

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Cunha A.I.A.
Pavanello M.A.
Trevisoli R.D.
Galup-Montoro C.
Schneider M.C.
Solid-State Electronics
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Cunha, Ana Isabela Araújo; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; TREVISOLI, Renan Doria; GALUP-MONTORO, C.; Schneider, Marcio Cherem. Direct determination of threshold condition in DG-MOSFETs from the gm/ID curve. Solid-State Electronics, v. 56, p. 89-94, 2011.
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In this work we apply the current-based threshold voltage definition (equality between the drift and diffusion components of drain current) to intrinsic symmetric double-gate MOSFETs. We show that the half maximum point of the gm/ID (transconductance-to-current ratio) curve in the linear region corresponds exactly to the condition IDdrift = I Ddiff when mobility variation is neglected. Numerical simulations show that the threshold voltages determined from the gm/ID curve and from the IDdrift = IDdiff condition differ by about φt/2 (one half of the thermal voltage) when considering realistic mobility variations. Simulation results show that the threshold voltages determined with the gm/ID procedure are close to those obtained with the Y (=ID/gm) function method for a considerable range of silicon film thicknesses, channel lengths, and temperature values. The current-based procedure has also been successfully applied experimentally to a FinFET over a wide temperature range. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.