A new generation of micro-particulate-based admixtures for concrete

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Seiler P.H.
Eagon C.
Ong F.S.
Farrington S.A.
Bui V.
American Concrete Institute, ACI Special Publication
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© 2017 American Concrete Institute. All rights reserved.In recent years, there has been significant research and product development in the field of nanotechnology - using particles of approximately 1 and 100 nm in size. From medicines, to electronics and coatings, the answers to 'big problems' are being provided by 'tiny solutions.' In the cement and concrete field, nano-structural models of Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H), have allowed researchers to develop particles to improve and increase C-S-H formation. Additionally, micro particles have the ability to address durability issues that have plagued concrete for decades. The practical challenge continues to be how to introduce these micro- and nanoscale particles into the concrete matrix. A logical option is in the form of a liquid admixture added to the concrete mixture during batching. This paper will focus on the current and emerging micro- and nanoscale particulate-based admixture technologies for concrete and their effects on the hydration process and long-term durability of concrete. The information to be presented will show that the use of these particulate-based liquid admixtures offer different options for modifying and improving the fresh, hardened and durability properties of concrete.