Management systems and best practices in the sustainable supply chain management

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Ching H.Y.
Moreira M.A.G.M.
22nd International Conference on Production Research, ICPR 2013
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The objective of this study is to identify the best practices and management systems related to Sustainable Supply Chain Management SSCM. This study is qualitative with exploratory objective. The growing diversity of interest in supply chain management systems and practices becomes obvious. However, the social aspect is rarely addressed in the literature, in contrast with economic and environmental aspects with more focus to the environmental. As consequence, the management systems reflect this finding as well as with the eight practices identified. There is no management system that addresses social responsibility. On the practices side, only two address the triple bottom line aspects, while four address environmental and economic aspects, one deals with social and economic aspects and one deals with environmental aspect. The authors propose two frameworks: the first relates the good practices adopted in SSCM to the three aspects of sustainability and their interactions; the second organizes the management systems in layers according to how they address the sustainability aspects. SSCM presents as the most comprehensive management model.