Surface integrity analysis in the super duplex stainless steel ASTM-A890 after machining

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Bordinassi E.C.
Stipkovic M.F.
Batalha G.F.
Delijaicov S.
De Lima N.B.
International Journal of Materials and Product Technology
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BORDINASSI, Éd Cláudio; Stipkovic, Marco Filho; Batalha, Gilmar Ferreira; DELIJAICOV, Sergio; Lima, Nelson Batista de. Surface integrity analysis in the super duplex stainless steel ASTM-A890 after machining. International Journal of Materials & Product Technology, v. 33, n. 3, p. 198-212, 2008.
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The purpose of this paper was to study the main effects of the turning in the superficial integrity of the duplex stainless steel ASTM A890-6A. The tests were conducted on a turning centre with carbide tools and the main entrances variables were: tool material class, feed rate, cutting depth, cutting speed and cutting fluid utilisation. The answers were analysed: microstructural analysis by optical microscopy and x-ray diffraction, cutting forces measurements by a piezoelectric dynamometer, surface roughness, residual stress by x-ray diffraction technique and the microhardness measurements. The results do not show any changes in the micro structural of the material, even when the greater cutting parameters were used. The smaller feed rate (0.1 mm/v), smaller cutting speed (110 m/min) and the greater cutting depth (0.5 mm) provided the smaller values for the tensile residual stress, the smaller surface roughness and the greater microhardness. Copyright © 2008 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.