Effect of gel chemistry on the machinability of green SiC parts produced by gelcasting

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Riviello A.M.
Ortega F.S.
Materials Science Forum
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RIVIELLO, ANDRÉ MARQUES; Ortega, Fernando Santos. Effect of Gel Chemistry on the Machinability of Green SiC Parts Produced by Gelcasting. Materials Science Forum (Online), v. 727-728, p. 1596-1603, 2012.
The growing interesting in the use of silicon carbide in automotive components, biomaterials, energy, among others, which demand the production of parts with complex geometry that are difficult to obtain by conventional compaction techniques, motivates the search for developing new conformation processes. Within this context, this paper investigates the production of pieces of silicon carbide through the gelcasting process and subsequent green machining of these parts. Three systems of monomers were studied: MAM-NVP-MBAM, MAM-PEG (DMA) and MAM-HMAM. The effect of the concentration of monomers, concentration of chemical initiator and the ratio of chain-forming and crosslinker monomers on the cutting force during machining and surface roughness were evaluated. These data are compared with values of flexural strength and hardness of samples produced under the same conditions. Through a statistical analysis it was determined the best formulation for the production of parts of SiC with favorable characteristics of green machining. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.