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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of the Metallurgical Bonding between Inconel and NiCrAlY Coatings by HVOF and with COCOSTA OLIVEIRA, ANA CLAUDIA; DONATO, Gustavo; Magnabosco, R.; TELEGINSKI, VIVIANE; CHAGAS, DANIELE CRISTINA; DE VASCONCELOS, GETÚLIO; CAMARGO, F.
2018Ductile fracture of advanced pipeline steels: study of stress states and energies in dynamic impact specimens - CVN and DWTTSANTOS PEREIRA, LETÍCIA DOS; MOÇO, RODRYGO FIGUEIREDO; DONATO, Gustavo
2018Effects of crack tunneling and plasticity on the elastic unloading compliance technique for SE(B) - current limitations and proposalsDE ANDRADE, LEONARDO GIANGIULIO FERREIRA; DONATO, Gustavo
2018Effects of manufacturing plastic prestrains found on calendered and UOE pipes and pressure vessels on structural integrity assessments regarding fatigue crack growth and LBBMOÇO, RODRYGO FIGUEIREDO; CAVALCANTE, FÁBIO GONÇALVES; DONATO, Gustavo
2009Effects of weld strength mismatch on J and CTOD estimation procedure for SE(B) specimensDONATO, Gustavo; MAGNABOSCO, Rodrigo; RUGGIERI, Claudio
2011Experimental Evaluation and Numerical Validation of Surface Residual Stresses After Hard Turning of Mechanical Components Made of DIN 21NiCrMo2 (AISI 8620) Carburized SteelDELIJAICOV, Sergio; DONATO, Gustavo; FARIAS, Adalto de; BATALHA, Gilmar Ferreira
2017Heat transfer, pressure drop and structural analysis of a finned plate ceramic heat exchangerde Mello, Paulo Eduardo Batista; VILLANUEVA, HELIO HENRIQUE SANTOMO; Scuotto, Sérgio; DONATO, Gustavo; Ortega, Fernando dos Santos
2015Influence of loading frequency on the fatigue behaviour of coir fibre reinforced PP compositeOSTI DE MORAES, DIJAN VINICIUS; MAGNABOSCO, Rodrigo; DONATO, Gustavo; PRADO BETTINI, SÍLVIA HELENA; ANTUNES, MARCELA CAROLINE
2011Numerical modeling of uneven thermoplastic polymers behaviour using experimental stress-strain data and pressure dependent von Mises yield criteria to improve design practicesDONATO, Gustavo; Bianchi, Marcos
2012Pressure Dependent Yield Criteria Applied for Improving Design Practices and Integrity Assessments against Yielding of Engineering PolymersDONATO, Gustavo; BIANCHI, M.
2016Reverse strain-induced martensitic transformation of the ferrite to austenite in duplex stainless steelsFORGAS JUNIOR, A.; MARANGONI, JULIA; OTUBO, JORGE; DONATO, Gustavo; MAGNABOSCO, Rodrigo
2018Texture Analysis for Crack Detection in Fracture MechanicsFARDO, F.; DONATO, Gustavo; RODRIGUES, P. S. S.
2018Validity limits of the one-parameter elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (J-integral) considering SE(B), C(T) and clamped SE(T) specimensDONATO, Gustavo; MOREIRA, FELIPE CAVALHEIRO