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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Commercial off-the-shelf pMOS Transistor as X-ray and Heavy Ion DetectorSILVEIRA, M A G; CUNHA, F G; CIRNE, K H; GIACOMINI, R; DE OLIVEIRA, J A; MELO, M A A; AGUIAR, V A P; RALLO, A; SANTOS, R B B; MEDINA, N H; ADDED, N; SEIXAS, L E; LEITE, F G
2018Extraction of Natural Radionuclides in TENORM Waste PhosphogypsumMOREIRA, R. H.; PAIVA, H. A.; QUEIROGA, F. S.; MEDINA, N H; GUAZZELLI DA SILVEIRA, MARCILEI APARECIDA
2019Ionizing radiation effects in a rectifier circuitBÔAS, A C V; GUAZZELLI, M A; GIACOMINI, R C; MEDINA, N H
2010Nuclear reaction studies with particle-gamma coincidences using theOLIVEIRA, J R B; Ribas, R V; Rossi, E S; Seale, W A; Silva, C P; Toufen, D L; Silveira, M A G; Zahn, G S; Genezini, F A; Gasques, L; Shorto, J M B; Zagatto, V A B; M. A. G. SILVEIRA; Pereira, D; Lubian, J; Allegro, P R P; Chamon, L C; Cybulska, E W; Linares, R; MEDINA, N H
2019A proposal to study long-lived isotopes produced by thermal neutron irradiation of digital devicesZAHN, G S; GENEZINI, F A; MORALLES, M; SIQUEIRA, P T D; MEDINA, N H; AGUIAR, V A P; MACCHIONE, E L A; ADDED, N; GUAZZELLI, Marcilei Aparecida
2019Single-event effects: experimental setup for power MOSFETs and diffusion model for cross section calculations in low-voltage MOSFETsALBERTON, S G; MEDINA, N H; ADDED, N; AGUIAR, V A P; MENEGASSO, R; MACCHIONE, E L A; GUAZZELLI, Marcilei Aparecida
2017Study of proton radiation effects among diamond and rectangular gate MOSFET layoutsSEIXAS, L E; FINCO, S; SILVEIRA, M A G; MEDINA, N H; GIMENEZ, S P
2011Sugar Cane Nutrient Distribution AnalysisC. B. Zamboni; M. A. G. SILVEIRA; Roseli Gennari; Garcia I. S.; MEDINA, N H
2008The study of Natural Radiation Distribution in Soil of São Bernardo do Campo.MATSUMOTO, Marcos Machado; M. G. SILVEIRA; MEDINA, N H; UMISEDO, Nancy
2008The study of natural radiation distribution in soil of São Bernardo do Campo.MATSUMOTO, M. M.; GUAZZELLI, Marcilei Aparecida; MEDINA, N H; UMISEDO, N.