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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Trapezoidal SOI FinFET analog parameters' dependence on cross-section shapeBuhler R.T.; Giacomini R.; Pavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.
2009Cryogenic operation of FinFETs aiming at analog applicationsPavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2012Analysis of temperature variation influence on the analog performance of 45° rotated triple-gate nMuGFETsPavanello M.A.; Souza M.D.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2012An analytic method to compute the stress dependence on the dimensions and its influence in the characteristics of triple gate devicesTrevisoli R.D.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.; Pavanello M.A.
2008Analog performance of standard and strained triple-gate silicon-on-insulator nFinFETsPavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Rooyackers R.; Collaert N.; Claeys C.
2007Low temperature influence on the uniaxially strained FD SOI nMOSFETs behaviorde Souza M.; Pavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2007Analysis of uniaxial and biaxial strain impact on the linearity of fully depleted SOI nMOSFETsPavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.
2006Gain improvement in operational transconductance amplifiers using Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETSGimenez S.P.; Pavanello M.A.; Martino J.A.; Flandre D.
2015Different stress techniques and their efficiency on triple-gate SOI n-MOSFETsBuhler R.T.; Agopian P.G.D.; Collaert N.; Simoen E.; Claeys C.; Martino J.A.
2008Trapezoidal cross-sectional influence on FinFET threshold voltage and corner effectsGiacomini R.; Martino J.A.