Device for Measuring Efforts Generated by Tire in Steering Conditions

dc.contributor.authorCHICUTA, W.
dc.contributor.authorAFONSO, B.
dc.contributor.authorRoberto Bortolussi
dc.contributor.authorSergio Delijaicov
dc.description.abstract© 2018 SAE International. All Rights Reserved.Currently, large companies as well as universities have increased the studies into vehicular dynamic behavior, mainly in order to improve driver and passenger safety. Simulations with complete model vehicle have been used for these studies. The tire is one of the most important vehicular component as the only connection with the ground and responsible for transmitting all vertical, longitudinal and lateral forces, consequenetly it is the main component on the model vehicle, being crucial for the correlation between computer simulations results and field tests, This paper presents a methodology, development and construction of a device to obtain lateral forces in any combination of toe and camber angles for different conditions of normal load, the tests can be performed on any type of ground, whether dry or wet. The tire datas used as reference were obtained through an experimental test using "Flat Trac" equipment. Based on these data, the components used to measuare the tire force, were developed. After the device construction, bench tests were performed in order to validate all project assumptions and calibrate the device. Finally, the device was installed on a small truck and a verification test were performed.
dc.identifier.citationCHICUTA, W.; AFONSO, B.; BORTOLUSSI, R.; DELIJAICOV, S. Device for Measuring Efforts Generated by Tire in Steering Conditions. SAE Technical Papers, n. September, sept. 2018.
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dc.titleDevice for Measuring Efforts Generated by Tire in Steering Conditions
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