Lightning warning system

dc.contributor.authorMORALES, C. A.
dc.contributor.authorNEVES, J. R.
dc.contributor.authorANSELMO, E. M.
dc.contributor.authorMATHIAS, M. A.
dc.contributor.authorRABAK, C. S.
dc.contributor.authorCAMARA, K. S.
dc.description.abstract© International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, ICAE 2014This study presents a warning lightning system that has been developed by the University of São Paulo in order to detect intra-cloud (IC) and cloud to ground (CG) lightning activity and then predict the probability of CG occurrence. The system designed is based on a slow-antenna that is integrated with microcontroller and a single board computer. The system has a firmware that can be updated anytime, and in the present moment an algorithm identifies the strokes and provides the thunderstorm warning system. By doing that, it will be possible to have a compact and low cost system that can be updated with more lightning signatures and other tasks.
dc.identifier.citationMORALES, C. A.; NEVES, J. R.; ANSELMO, E. M.; MATHIAS, M. A.; RABAK, C. S.; CAMARA, K. S. Lightning warning system. International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, ICAE 2014, jun. 2014.
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dc.titleLightning warning system
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