Robust model matching control applied to a crane

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Lozano De Campos E.L.
Leonardi F.
6th Int. Conference on Integrated Modeling and Analysis in Applied Control and Automation, IMAACA 2012, Held at the International Multidisciplinary Modeling and Simulation Multiconference, I3M 2012
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This paper discusses the robust closed loop control design subject to parametric uncertainties applied to a crane during a maneuver. Usually crane trajectories are generated by formulating a minimum time optimal control in open loop. However, the optimality of the solution is not maintained due to variations in the plant over time. This work proposes the use of a model matching structure to reduce the problems related to model uncertainties thus trying to preserve the trajectory optimality. The robust compensator minimizes explicitly the matching error between the real plant and the reference plant. In this application the main uncertain parameter is the pendulum length and plays the role of the load lifting. To illustrate the application experiments were done using a lab scale equipment. The results observed are very close to those obtained from numerical simulation.