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dc.contributor.authorMATSUMOTO, M. M.-
dc.contributor.authorGUAZZELLI, Marcilei Aparecida-
dc.contributor.authorMEDINA, N H-
dc.contributor.authorUMISEDO, N.-
dc.identifier.citationMATSUMOTO, M. M.; GUAZZELLI, Marcilei Aparecida; MEDINA, N. H.; UMISEDO, N. The study of natural radiation distribution in soil of São Bernardo do Campo.. AIP Conference Proceedings, v. 1034, p. 252-255, 2008.-
dc.description.abstractWe have studied the distribution of natural radioactivity in the soil of five sites of the city São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil. The main contribution of the radiation dose is due to the isotope 40K, with smaller contributions from the elements of the series of 238U and 232Th. The results indicate the dose in all of the studied areas is around the average international dose due to external exposure to gamma rays (0.48 mSv/yr) proceeding from natural terrestrial elements.en
dc.relation.ispartofAIP Conference Proceedings-
dc.rightsAcesso Restrito-
dc.subjectRadioactive decayen
dc.subjectGamma raysen
dc.titleThe study of natural radiation distribution in soil of São Bernardo do Campo.pt_BR
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