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Title: Functionalized chitosan with butylammonium ionic liquids for removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution
Andreia de Araújo Morandim Giannetti GIANNETTI, A. DE A. M.
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2020
Abstract: Environmental pollution by heavy metals is currently a problem of great concern for human health. In this context, this study aims to contribute with the synthesis and characterization of chitosan functionalized with three different ionic liquids (n-butylammonium acetate, sec-butylammonium acetate, and tert-butylammonium acetate) followed by its application in hexavalent chromium effluent treatment. The adsorbents synthesized (ChN, ChS, and ChT) were characterized by SEM, EDS, FTIR, BET, RDD, PSD, and XRD techniques. Afterward, the influences of temperature, contact time, and pH on the Cr(VI) adsorption process were evaluated. The solution with pH 3 displayed the highest adsorption capacities (107.31, 104.60, and 107.97  mg.g-1 for ChN, ChS, and ChT, respectively). The kinetic data were better adjusted to the Weber-Morris kinetic model with an ideal time of 2 h. Furthermore, the influence of temperature was evaluated using the Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms, with maximum capacities of 142.05 (ChN), 131.58 (ChS), and 146.63 mg.g-1 (ChT). The adsorbent displayed enhanced adsorption properties in comparison with raw chitosan by an intensification of the electrostatic interaction between amino groups and hexavalent chromium. Finally, the reusability was investigated, and significant results were observed (84.33 ± 4.87%) in the adsorption process after 4 cycles.
Keywords: Adsorption
Biopolymers and renewable polymers
Citation: ELIODÓRIO, K. P.; PEREIRA, G. J.; GIANNETTI, A. DE A. M. FFunctionalized chitosan with butylammonium ionic liquids for removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, v. X, p. 49912, 2020.
Access Type: Acesso Restrito
DOI: 10.1002/app.49912
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