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Title: Ultrasound-Assisted Conversion of Biomass Turpentine into -Terpineol
Rodrigo Cella
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2019
Abstract: Biomass is an alternative and renewable carbon feedstock forfossil fuel in chemical industry. An important pathway forbiomass conversion is the conversion of turpentine oil intodifferent chemical intermediates. Herein we described thehydration of turpentine assisted by ultrasound waves in thepresence of an inorganic acid. The desired productα-terpineolwas obtained up to 60% of selectivity after 100% of conversionof the turpentine oil, and short reaction times were needed (15minutes to 1 hour).
Journal: Chemistry Select
Citation: MURAKAMI, V. T.; MARQUES, I. O.; CELLA, R. Ultrasound-Assisted conversion of biomass turpentine into -Terpineol. ChemistrySelect, v. 4, n. 30, p. 8800-8806, 2019.
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DOI: 10.1002/slct.201902239
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