Characterization of Rabbit Corneas Subjected to Stromal Stiffening by the Açaí Extract (Euterpe oleracea)

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Bersanetti P.A.
Bueno T.L.N.
Morandim-Giannetti A.A.
Nogueira R.F.
Matos J.R.
Schor P.
Current Eye Research
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BERSANETTI, P. A.; BUENO, T. L. N.; GIANNETTI, Andreia de Araujo Morandim; NOGUEIRA, R. F.; MATOS, J. R.; SCHOR, P.. Characterization of Rabbit Corneas Subjected to Stromal Stiffening by the Açaí Extract ( ). Current Eye Research (Print), n. -, p. 1-6, 2016.
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© 2016 Taylor & Francis.Purpose: In this study, we characterized rabbit corneas subjected to corneal cross-linking (CXL) with açaí extract compared with a riboflavin photo-stimulated procedure. Materials and Methods: The corneas of the slaughterhouse rabbits were divided into three groups: control, consisting of untreated corneal samples; riboflavin/UVA, where corneas were treated with 0.1% riboflavin photo-stimulated at 365 nm as the standard protocol; and açaí, where the samples were subjected to 4% açaí extract for 0.5–2 h. After the CXL procedure, corneas of the three groups were characterized by analyzing their elastic modulus and thermal denaturation profile. Results: The elastic modulus at 3% strain showed an approximately threefold increase in the riboflavin/UVA group and 10.5 times in the corneas treated with 4% açaí extract for 2 h, compared with the control group (p < 0.01). The denaturation temperature values of the two groups of crosslinked corneas increased significantly (p < 0.05) and were more pronounced in the açaí group. Conclusions: The açaí extract was effective in promoting CXL in rabbit corneas as characterized by the different techniques.