Effects of weld strength mismatch on J and CTOD estimation procedure for SE(B) specimens

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Donato G.H.B.
Magnabosco R.
Ruggieri C.
International Journal of Fracture
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DONATO, Gustavo; MAGNABOSCO, Rodrigo; RUGGIERI, Claudio. Effects of weld strength mismatch on J and CTOD estimation procedure for SE(B) specimens. International Journal of Fracture, p. 10.1007/S10704-, 2009.
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This work examines the effect of weld strength mismatch on fracture toughness measurements defined by J and CTOD fracture parameters using single edge notch bend (SE(B)) specimens. A central objective of the present study is to enlarge on previous developments of J and CTOD estimation procedures for welded bend specimens based upon plastic eta factors (η) and plastic rotational factors (rp). Very detailed non-linear finite element analyses for plane-strain models of standard SE(B) fracture specimens with a notch located at the center of square groove welds and in the heat affected zone provide the evolution of load with increased crack mouth opening displacement required for the estimation procedure. One key result emerging from the analyses is that levels of weld strength mismatch within the range ±20% mismatch do not affect significantly J and CTOD estimation expressions applicable to homogeneous materials, particularly for deeply cracked fracture specimens with relatively large weld grooves. The present study provides additional understanding on the effect of weld strength mismatch on J and CTOD toughness measurements while, at the same time, adding a fairly extensive body of results to determine parameters J and CTOD for different materials using bend specimens with varying geometries and mismatch levels. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2009.