Enabling factors and strategies for the transition toward a circular economy (CE)

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de Mattos C.A.
de Albuquerque T.L.M.
Sustainability (Switzerland)
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MATTOS, C. A.; ALBUQUERQUE, T.. Enabling Factors and Strategies for the Transition Toward a Circular Economy (CE). Sustainability, v. 10, n. 12, p. 4628, 2018.
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© 2018 by the authors.This study aims to identify and analyze the enabling factors and strategies for the structuring and diffusion of a circular business model. Circular model structuring involves several actors, challenges, and barriers. In this context, the present study allows discussion of the business structure in line with the principles of circularity and can contribute by mapping the factors and strategies to be worked for business development in the circular context, providing an overview and guidance for academics, businesspeople, and professionals. Through a case study method, the research allowed identification of the factors and an in-depth understanding of the strategies and drivers of circular business models; from the empirical research, it will be possible to identify opportunities that align with what is already known, but also what may be specific to the context of emerging countries to enable the circular model.