New approach for applications of machinability and machining strength

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Júlio Cesar Dutra
Archives of Materials Science and Engineering
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COPPINI, N. L.; DUTRA, J. C.; DOS SANTOSA, E. C. New approach for applications of machinability and machining strength. Archives of Materials Science and Engineering, v. 39, n. 1, p. 21-28, sept. 2009.
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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss the machinability and machining strength concepts under a new viewpoint concerned with both their applications and how to measure then. Despite of the fact that to develop easy to cut steel is a very important task, this work take under consideration entire application of these properties for any kind of materials in terms of how aggressive it can be against the tool material. Design/methodology/approach: A new approach to measure machining strength property is proposed. The reliability of the proposed test was based on experimental data from the literature. The best way to apply machinability index and machining strength index is put forward. Otherwise, at this moment, the authors are doing experimental laboratory research to evaluate the best way to organize appropriate samples to attend different kind products for respective materials makers'. Findings: It was possible to conclude that machinability must be used by means of comparative tests as close as possible to shopping floor conditions. The main application is to select the best steel to be used for a specific cutting process workpart. Research limitations/implications: The main limitation is that the entire new viewpoint presented is very new for the materials makers. The authors must spread the ideas presented here to check the actual materials makers' resistance or acceptance of their applications. Originality/value: The proposed test is very simple and more reliable than that one already published. On the other hand, machining strength is a material intrinsic property. For this reason, it is best employed during easy to cut materials development and measured by a Coppini Index (CI) based on standard tests. As a material intrinsic property it is not related to a standard material. Machinability is supposed to be appropriated for process optimization and not for materials development or characterization. © Copyright by International OCSCO World Press. All rights reserved. 2009.