Test and Validation of Vehicle Vertical Dynamics in a Multibody Software

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Roberto Bortolussi
SAE Technical Papers
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AFONSO, B.; CHICUTA, W.; BORTOLUSSI, R. Test and Validation of Vehicle Vertical Dynamics in a Multibody Software. SAE Technical Papers, v. 2015-September, sept. 2015.
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Copyright © 2015 SAE International.This paper shows the elaboration of studies about the driver's comfort in a Baja SAE vehicle in different track conditions. The multibody model was designed in ADAMS VIEW software with full vehicle components aim evaluate frequencies, accelerations and displacements in any part of the vehicle. Several tests and measurements were made to acquire springs, dampers and tire data to ensure the model represents the real vehicle. The full vehicle and also the driver were modeled through a CAD software, thus all geometries, mass and inertias were inputted in the multibody model based on the built vehicle. The vertical displacements were modeled in the multibody software simulating the road profile, so it was possible to analyze the vehicle ride behavior with different set ups in different tracks. The validation of multibody mathematical model was made by modeling the same maneuver that the vehicle instrumented with data acquisition was submitted. The mathematical model output and the data acquisition results were confronted and the results shows that the mathematical model can be considered validated. After the mathematical model be validated, it can be use in future analysis with high confidence level. This model will be helpful to evaluate design and make modifications in earlier phases of vehicle development, reducing cost, engineering time, prototype manufacturing and mainly time in test phase once that will be necessary just the fine tuning.