A LQG/LTR Based Robust Control Applied to a Steel Strip Coiling System

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Lima F.
De Oliveira A.A.
De Aguiar M.L.
De Almeida Monteiro J.R.B.
IEEE Latin America Transactions
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LIMA, F.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, A. A.; AGUIAR, M. L.; MONTEIRO, J. R. B. A.. A LQG/LTR Based Robust Control Applied to a Steel Strip Coiling System. IEEE Latin America Transactions, v. 13, n. 7, p. 2258-2268, 2015.
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© 2015 IEEE.This work presents the modelling, analysis and control of a steel strip coiling system using twin roll direct casting, in a plant placed at Technological Research Institute of Sao Paulo. The characteristics of the process are first introduced. After that the mathematical modelling of the coiling system and its parametric changes were addressed. The control system was first implemented using a PID controller since this kind of control is highly used in the industry. A proposal of introducing an ultrasonic sensor in the plant, to measure the coiling radius, is suggested and the simulation results are presented. Finally, a robust compensator using the LQG/LTR method was designed for improving the control system performance. The simulations were carried out using Matlab/Simulink software. The real plant provided the parameters to the simulations.