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Title: Synthesis and Characterization of SrO-Supported Al2</sub>O3</sub> Applied as Heterogeneous Catalys
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2012
Abstract: In this work, samples of 15 mol% Sr-doped Al2O3 were synthesized by Pechini's method and calcined at 900°C. DRX analysis showed that only corundum phase is present, and no shift on the main peaks was observed, suggesting that the additive is preferentially located on the surface of nanoparticles as a surface excess. SrO show high basic character and is applied as heterogeneous catalyst in transesterification of soybean oil to produce biodiesel. Since SrO is difficult to obtain through Pechinis method, due to high stability of SrCO3, the use of Al2O3 as a catalyst support produced via polymeric precursor was studied, and the reaction of transesterification was successfully made, because the crystallization of strontium carbonate on the corundum surface was avoided using the washing procedure. Also, the catalyst was characterized by DSC, isoelectric point and surface area.
Journal: Materials Science Forum (Online)
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Citation: PEREIRA, J.; ORTEGA, F. S. Synthesis and characterization of SrO-supported Al2O3 applied as heterogeneous catalys. Materials Science Forum (Online), v. 727-728, p. 1108-1112, 2012.
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DOI: 10.4028/
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