Influence of geometrical parameters on the DC analog behavior of the asymmetric self-cascode FD SOI nMOSFETs

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Assalti R.
Flandre D.
de Souza M.
Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems
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ASSALTI, Rafael; FLANDRE, Denis; de Souza, Michelly. Influence of Geometrical Parameters on the DC Analog Behavior of the Asymmetric Self-Cascode FD SOI nMOSFETs. JICS. JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS (ED. PORTUGUÊS), v. 13, n. 2, p. 1-7, 2018.
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© 2018, Brazilian Microelectronics Society. All rights reserved.This paper assesses the DC analog performance of a composite transistor named Asymmetric Self-Cascode structure, which is formed by two Fully Depleted SOI nMOSFETs connected in series with shortened gates. The in-fluence of geometrical parameters, such as different channel widths and lengths on the transistors at source and drain sides is evaluated through three-dimensional numerical simulations, which have been firstly adjusted to the experimental measure-ments. The transconductance, output conductance, Early volt-age and intrinsic voltage gain have been used as figures of merit to explore the advantages of the composite transistor. From the obtained results, the largest intrinsic voltage gain has been ob-tained by using longer channel lengths for both transistors, with narrower device close to the source and wider transistor near to the drain.