Development of Product-Service System Business Model: A study at Mercedes-Benz Brazil

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Gabriela Scur
SAE Technical Papers
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FERREIRA, R.; SCUR, G. Development of Product-Service System Business Model: A study at Mercedes-Benz Brazil. SAE Technical Papers, n. January, oct. 2020.
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© 2019 SAE International. All rights reserved.With the increase in the use of information technology and communication, Internet of Things, Big Data, in addition to the concepts of sustainability, a new strategy has been structured, which aims to add value to the traditional PSS model, in the integration of new services to products. The challenge is how to change the current business model of a fully product-oriented (PO) company into a supplier of products with integrated services, in a new business model. From the theoretical propositions and best practices of companies that have implemented PSS businesses models, this paper propose and validate a systematization of strategic actions that make possible for product-oriented companies to change to a new PSS business model, and can be used as a guideline to the PSS implementation, as it compiles the key aspects needed for each strategic area, the important actions found in the literature and bibliographic references that may help in further research. In terms of theoretical relevance, this paper expands the PSS model, using the Big Data to generate new business. Managerial contribution was the development of a roadmap for the implementation of PSS that compiles the key aspects for each construct and dimensions and the best practices found in the literature and the bibliographic references. The proposal was validated by executives of Mercedes-Benz company, both in Brazil and abroad.