Analog performance of standard and strained triple-gate silicon-on-insulator nFinFETs

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Pavanello M.A.
Martino J.A.
Simoen E.
Rooyackers R.
Collaert N.
Claeys C.
Solid-State Electronics
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PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.; MARTINO, João Antonio; SIMOEN, Eddy; ROOYACKERS, Rita; COLLAERT, Nadine; CLAEYS, Cor. Analog Performance of Standard and Strained Triple-Gate Silicon-On-Insulator nFINFETS. Solid-State Electronics, v. 52, n. 12, p. 1904-1909, 2008.
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This work shows a comparison between the analog performance of standard and strained Si n-type triple-gate FinFETs with high-κ dielectrics and TiN gate material. Different channel lengths and fin widths are studied. It is demonstrated that both standard and strained FinFETs with short channel length and narrow fins have similar analog properties, whereas the increase of the channel length degrades the early voltage of the strained devices, consequently decreasing the device intrinsic voltage gain with respect to standard ones. Narrow strained FinFETs with long channel show a degradation of the Early voltage if compared to standard ones suggesting that strained devices are more subjected to the channel length modulation effect. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.