Low-frequency noise of n-type triple gate FinFETs fabricated on standard and 45 rotated substrates

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Doria R.T.
Martino J.A.
Simoen E.
Claeys C.
Pavanello M.A.
Solid-State Electronics
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Doria, Rodrigo Trevisoli; MARTINO, J. A.; SIMOEN, Eddy; CLAEYS, Cor; PAVANELLO, Marcelo A.;PAVANELLO, M. A.;PAVANELLO, M.;PAVANELLO, M.A.;PAVANELLO, MARCELO;ANTONIO PAVANELLO, MARCELO. Low-frequency noise of n-type triple gate FinFETs fabricated on standard and 45° rotated substrates. Solid-State Electronics, v. 90, p. 121-126, 2013.
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This paper studies the impact of the 45 substrate rotation on the low-frequency noise (LFN) of triple gate nFinFETs. The overall LFN has been extracted for both standard and 45 substrate rotated devices of several fin widths at different drain and gate voltage biases focusing on their operation in saturation regime. A general view of the mechanisms which govern the low-frequency noise in MOS devices is provided and a brief discussion on the physical origins of the LFN in the evaluated devices is carried out. It has been noted that the LFN in non-rotated (0 rotated) and 45 rotated devices operating in the linear regime shows 1/f behavior independent on the gate bias, whereas in the saturation regime both 1/f and Lorentzian (1/f2) noises are observed. The former one prevails at lower frequencies and the 1/f2 noise at higher ones. In this case, the corner frequency shows an exponential dependence on the gate bias. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.