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    The euroscore additive is a valid measure to predict mortality in cardiac surgery?
    (2013-07-28) João Chang Junior; FERNANDES, A. M. D. S.; PANAINO, A. C.; GUERRER, G. F. F.
    In the last years advancements of cardiological research in Brazil were very significant, both at the academy, such as in hospitals and clinics, generating not only an increase in the number of publications, but also an improvement in the results achieved. The cardiological surgery has achieved excellent results, because has reduced the mortality tax and has increased life expectancy of people who need this type of surgery. This article aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an instrument called EuroScore Additive (ES), which is used to evaluate the risk of death in patients undergoing cardiological surgery. So this, the research had used applied statistical methodology to analyze data of 238 patients who have undergone valve surgery on a public Hospital specializing in cardiological surgery, in a period of two years. The results show the limitations of the EuroScore Additive in predicting the outcome of valve surgery. © 2013 PICMET.
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    Development of methodology for forecasting hospital occupancy by econometric method
    (2013) Chang Junior J.; Caruso D.
    The demand for health services in Brazil has increased significantly in recent years. From 2007 to 2011 there has been an increase of 87.2% in number of patients-day in Brazilian hospitals. The purpose of this article is to develop a methodology for forecasting of occupancy in hospitals, through daily information of occupation and admission that are provided by the emergency service. It is believed that, by means of these information and its projections, will be possible to improve both the flow of patients in a hospital, as the customer services. To this end, we used econometric analysis and projection methods of time series for evaluating the forecast of these variables for two Brazilian hospitals. © 2013 PICMET.
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    Content based image retrieval databases classification with brain event related potential
    (2016-02-21) BECHELLI, R. P.
    This paper evaluates and compile information related to Electroencephalography (EEG) used as a pattern to classify a Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system based on an Event Related Potential (ERP) as an input data vector to classify an image database. The Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is used as a method to present multiple images to obtain a series of P300 brain response and specify the duality of target or non-target images (oddball paradigm).