Temperature dependence of the electrical characteristics up to 370 K of amorphous In-Ga-ZnO thin film transistors

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Estrada M.
Rivas M.
Garduno I.
Avila-Herrera F.
Cerdeira A.
Pavanello M.
Mejia I.
Quevedo-Lopez M.A.
Microelectronics Reliability
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ESTRADA, M.; RIVAS, M.; GARDUÑO, I.; AVILA-HERRERA, F.; CERDEIRA, A.; PAVANELLO, M.; MEJIA, I.; QUEVEDO-LOPEZ, M.A.. Temperature dependence of the electrical characteristics up to 370K of amorphous In-Ga-ZnO thin film transistors. Microelectronics and Reliability, v. 56, p. 29-33, 2016.
© 2015 Elsevier Ltd.The temperature dependence in the typical temperature operating range from300 K up to 370 K of the electrical characteristics of IGZO TFTs fabricated at temperatures not exceeding 200 °C is presented and modeled. It is seen that up to T = 330 K, the transfer curves show a parallel shift toward more negative voltages. In both subthreshold and above threshold regimes, the drain current shows Arrhenius-type dependence. In the latter case, for low temperatures, the activation energy is around 0.35 eV for VGS=10 V, reducing as VGS is increased. The observed behavior is consistent with having the VRH transport mechanism as the predominant one in conduction.